TSA is an award winning Australian call centre outsourcing provider and advanced CX solutions provider. Established in 1997 in Western Australia, TSA combines the most cutting edge customer experience technology with a team of experts who help brands achieve their growth goals. Their network spans centres across Australia and the Philippines with over 4,000 team members.

TSA offers a diverse range of services to help businesses improve their customer experience, reduce costs, and grow revenue, including:

Bespoke technological solutions

Customer engagement services

Humanised messaging solutions

Market-leading solutions in acquisition, sales, 24/7 back office support, and collections

Cloud-based CX platform in collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Business intelligence

TSA is committed to providing its clients with the best possible customer experience. Their team of experts works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and develop tailored solutions that deliver results.

TSA is also the first Australian-based contact centre outsourcing provider to be certified carbon neutral, investing in local projects that support fire management, ecosystems, biodiversity, and Australian communities.

TSA's customer-centric approach and commitment to innovation make them a valuable partner for any business looking to improve its customer experience.

To learn more about TSA, visit their website.


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