About Perths.Guide

Welcome to Perths.Guide, your online resource for everything Perth!

Perths.Guide has no .com in our address as we are an information service, just type in Perths.Guide

Perths.Guide is a comprehensive online directory that lists and promotes local businesses and organisations by featuring them in articles, reviews, and social media posts. Perths.Guide aims to list nearly every business in Perth and to highlight the best of Perth to its readers. Learn from stories and tips of other successful Perth entrepeneurs, get inspired by the latest innovations and trends, and network with other like minded professionals.

We started Perths.Guide out of the frustration with existing platforms for finding local businesses quickly and easily. They were cluttered with ads, and difficult to navigate or claimed to offer local listings but included too many results from eastern states. They lacked a genuine connection to Perth, its people, and its businesses. At Perths.Guide, we take a personal approach, driven by our love for Perth, and a genuine desire to connect people with the best of Perth.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that connects people with businesses and organisations in the Perth area. We want to showcase the diversity, creativity and innovation that Perth has to offer, and help people discover new places, events and opportunities. In addition, we want to streamline the process for businesses to efficiently access services they require, with a focus on speed and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information about Perth’s businesses and organisations. We want to help people find what they need, whether it’s a business, a shop, a service, a restaurant, a club, a charity or anything else. We also want to help support local businesses and organisations by giving them exposure and feedback.

To support and promote the Perth community, we will do it in several ways:

  • Feature local businesses and organisations in our website, social media, and newsletter. Highlight their stories, products, services, and achievements. Share promotions, discounts and unique offers.
  • Invite local businesses and organisations to join our network and create their own profiles on our website. They can highlight their details, photos, and reviews.
  • Partner with other local organisations to support their events and causes.
  • Provide resources and tips for local businesses and organisations to grow and succeed through our news articles and social media.

Perth is our home and we believe that by supporting each other, we can all grow together. That is why we created Perths.Guide: which we hope will be the ultimate online resource for everything Perth!

If you share our vision and mission, we invite you to join us. You can browse our website, follow us on social media, or contact us for any enquiries. You can also register your business or organisation on our website for free and start reaching more customers.

Perths.Guide Facts

    From Locals, For Locals: we are a 100% Perth owned family business, we live here and we support Perth’s homegrown businesses and community.

    • We are not a big global company. We put genuine local businesses first
    • We are independent and unbiased in our approach
    • We verify our listings to make sure they are a genuine local business, if you see a business that does not belong, please contact us
    • We offer a free listing with Premium features and an option to be featured for a minimal fee
    • We use a simple interface design for function to make searching for results quicker and easier
    • You can help Perths.Guide boost your own business by spreading the word! 

    We have policies and processes in place to protect your information but on a personal level, we do not approve of the practice of selling data, it bothers us, we will not do anything that we as business owners ourselves would not approve of.

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